Mission Statement

RadioTennis.com’s mission statement is to provide the global tennis community with live-audio play-by-play of professional and top level  tennis from around the world.

Audio play-by-play of tennis has been going on for many years, primarily in Europe. The classic example is the BBC’s live radio broadcast of Wimbledon. RadioTennis.com takes the BBC concept one step further and targets a world-wide audience via the Internet.

“RadioTennis.com is for the tennis fan that understands and enjoys professional and top level tennis”, states Tennis Telecom Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Ken Thomas.

“They understand that an exciting and hard fought  tennis match can take place just as easily in a qualifying match in Thailand, as it can be on Center Court Wimbledon. Great tennis is taking place somewhere in the world everyday, and RadioTennis.com plans to bring these matches to the international tennis community”.

RadioTennis.com…”Tennis Has Never Sounded So Good”

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